Find an iPhone 5 in Stock at a Local Store with Milo

The iPhone 5 sold out at many retailers over the weekend, thanks to more than 5 million sales, but there are still many stores with the iPhone 5 in stock, ready to buy without a wait in line.

Instead of calling every local store five times a day, we suggest using to check local stores for the iPhone 5.

This free tool searches the near┬áreal-time stock of many stores including Best Buy, Sprint and Radio Shack. This tool won’t check the official Apple Store or Verizon and AT&T carrier stores, but in a matter of minutes I found several stores with the iPhone 5 in stock in black and white, and in all sizes.

The iPhone 5 is available online from Apple and carriers, but won’t arrive for 3-4 weeks, which is why many users may want to head in store to purchase the iPhone 5.

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All of these stores should be able to sell an iPhone 5 on contract or off contract and add the phone to an account, just like going to Apple or a carrier.

How to Find an iPhone 5 in Stock at a Local Store

To find a local store with the iPhone 5 in stock, visit or download the free Milo app from the iTunes app store. The app and website offer the same access to iPhone 5 stock information.

In my search of San Francisco, New York City and several cities in Ohio I found the iPhone 5 in stock at many retailers, sometimes the iPhone 5 is out of stock in one store, but a block away it sits on a shelf ready to be purchased.

Find iPhone 5 in stock local store

Milo finds local stores with the iPhone 5 in stock.

The Milo search tool may show higher than average prices, listing the off-contract price – especially at Best Buy – but most of these locations should be able to sell the iPhone 5 on contract for $199, $299 and $399.

Stock changes quickly so many stores list a yellow sign on the map, and a call for stock notice. This means the store is low on stock, so it is a good idea to call before making the trip. For users looking for an iPhone 5 farther from home it’s a good idea to call and check or see if they can hold the iPhone 5 for a short period while traveling to the store.

Apple is not yet allowing in store iPhone 5 reservations or iPhone 5 in store pickup yet. In store pickup will likely be an option once stock returns to normal levels in a few weeks.