How to Fix New iPad Wi-Fi Connection Issues

When I first got my new iPad on March 16th, I immediately noticed that my Wi-Fi signal was much weaker than the Wi-Fi signal found on my iPad 2. At first, I thought it was my actual internet connection but, as it turns out, I wasn’t the only one that found this to be an issue. Our own Warner Crocker also noticed that his new iPad wasn’t as good at picking up a connection.

Others have been complaining about it too.

Turns out, the issue likely has something to do with the software on board and not the hardware itself. And, as I learned, there is an extremely simple fix that worked for me that might work for some of you.

OS X Daily has posted a quick little tutorial on how to fix the Wi-Fi connection issue with the new iPad. I decided to give it a go and sure enough, my Wi-Fi signal on my new iPad is similar to the signal found on my iPad 2.

Here’s what I did.

1) Go to Settings, and head to General.

How to Fix New iPad Wi-Fi Connection Issues

2) Now go to Network and then go to Wi-Fi.

How to Fix New iPad Wi-Fi Connection Issues

3) Once in there, tap the blue arrow that is next to the device that your iPad is connected to.

How to Fix New iPad Wi-Fi Connection Issues

4) Then, you’ll want to Forget This Network on the next screen.

5) Return to the Wi-Fi screen and connect to that network again.

6) Hopefully, enjoy a better Wi-Fi signal.

Now, I doubt this works for everyone but it certainly worked for me. I’d be willing to wager that Apple releases a software update down the road that takes care of the problem for everyone. For now though, you’ll want to think about giving this fix a go.

Anyone out there having issues?

Did this fix work?

Let me know.