How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S III Battery Life Issues

At the end of June, we heard that some Samsung Galaxy S III owners were having battery life issues with their new device. And while Samsung has promised to roll out an update to address that problem, some owners are still suffering. Fortunately, there might be an easy fix out there.

We have received a tip from a reader who says that he has found an easy solution for the Galaxy S III battery drain issues that have been plaguing owners of the international device since May and June.

The solution is extremely easy and does not require a software update or a root, though, we must caution. What works for some people often doesn’t work for others.

Here is what Samsung Galaxy S III owners should try in an effort to try and shore up any battery life issues that may be hurting the experience on the device.

This method should fix some battery life issues on the Galaxy S III.

First, owners will want to head into Settings. From there, go to Wi-Fi. Then, owners will want to select advanced. Once in there, change “Connect to Wi-Fi while asleep” to Never.

Our tipster says that this method has significantly improved his battery life. Before trying this, his phone only lasted less than 8 hours on a charge.

Keep in mind, this fix may not work for everyone but it hopefully will help to improve the poor battery life that some Galaxy S III owners have been seeing.

The fix is intended to help owners of the international version of the Galaxy S III though, we imagine that it might help the battery life on Galaxy S III devices found in the United States.

Let us know how it works out for you.

Thanks, Pavel!