How to Fix Stuck Xbox One Game Installs

Last updated December 13th, 2016

It’s clear that Microsoft hoped to create the best of two worlds when it dreamed up its system for Xbox One game installs. When you want to purchase a game, you can digitally at any time. If you’re obsessed with getting a game for the lowest cost possible and easily sharing it with friends, you can still buy on disc. Both of these methods have something in common though. Each method requires that you install the game on to the Xbox One’s hard drive. The overwhelming majority of the time, this goes flawlessly. Sometimes you end up struggling and trying to fix stuck Xbox One game installs.

You know you have a stuck Xbox One game install pretty quickly. After growing for a while, the percentage of your game that’s been installed suddenly stops going up and never reaches 100 percent. This can happen when you’re installing a game from a disc or downloading one from the store that’s built into the Xbox One.


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It’s still unclear what’s causing stuck Xbox One game installs, but Microsoft and community members have pieced together a few solutions that should solve your problem.

How to Fix Stuck Xbox One Game Installs: Method 1 Clearing Your Save and Cache

Microsoft’s Xbox support website’s solution for stuck Xbox One game installs is to clear the cache of locally saved games on your console. It has worked for some, but keep in mind it’ll delete any saved games that haven’t been stored on Xbox Live. As such, you don’t want to go using this solution on a console that isn’t connected to Xbox Live. You’ll lose your saved games.

Remove the disc from your Xbox One or Xbox One S.

Now double tap the glowing Xbox logo on your controller to open the Xbox Guide.


Use the left joystick on your controller to navigate to the Settings cog. It’s the second from bottom option in the Xbox Guide. Then select All Settings.


In the Settings screen, select System.


Now select Storage.


Select Clear Local Save Games. You’ll be asked to confirm that you want to clear your locally saved games. Select Yes.


How to Fix Stuck Xbox One Game Installs: Method 2 Go Offline for Game Installs

There’s another solution that reportedly works for stuck Xbox One game installs. There’s no deleting your saved games, but you do have to power down your console and take it offline.

Go back to the Xbox One’s Settings app using the Xbox Guide.

Select Network from the menu on the left. Then select Network Settings.


Select Go Offline. This will shutdown the network connection on your console.


Now go to back to the Home screen and select My Apps and Games. Select the game in your Queue and press the menu button on your controller to see more options. Next, select Cancel.


Now eject the game disc from your console. Double tap the glowing Xbox logo on your device to open the Guide.

Go to Settings and select Restart Console.


Put the game back in your drive and install it.

Now go back to the Network settings area in the console’s settings and select Go Online.

Between these two methods, you should find your stuck Xbox One game install fixed. If you don’t, Microsoft recommends hard restarting your console by holding your finger over the Xbox One logo on the front of your original Xbox One or holding down the Xbox logo on the Xbox One S. After they’ve restarted you try to install the game again.

Stuck Xbox One game installs aren’t to be confused with slow Xbox One game downloads. That’s a separate issue where the speed of your internet connection isn’t sufficient enough to get the game downloaded to your console in a reasonable amount of time. When that happens, it’s a good idea to try downloading the game to a flash drive by using someone else’s Xbox. If you have this problem a lot, it’s a good idea to stay with disc games so that you avoid huge installation files when a game launches. Of course, you still might run into issues if your games have pending updates.

With digital games, it’s also worth noting that Microsoft’s Xbox Live services could be behind your problem. Visit Xbox Support to find out if there are service outages that might cause you to not be able to play the games you’ve purchased or buy new games.

Good luck.