How to Get Free Data Added to Your Verizon Plan

Verizon’s Smart Rewards program has recently added the ability to use your reward points for extra data on your More Everything plan. Here’s how to do it.

If you haven’t heard of Verizon’s Smart Rewards program, it’s essentially the carrier’s own loyalty program of sorts, where you earn points for paying your bill, upgrading your device, and more. You can then use those points to get discounts on gift cards, various merchandise, and hotels, as well as enter sweepstakes and bid on worthy Verizon coupons in auctions.

However, the carrier has recently added the ability to use those points to add more data to your More Everything plan. Spending 5,000 points will add 1GB of data to your plan for at least one full billing cycle. This is actually quite a good deal, considering that it normally costs $10 to add a temporary 1GB of data to your plan, whereas 5,000 Verizon Smart Reward points equals about $5.


Here’s how to add free data to your Verizon More Everything plan just by being a Verizon customer in the first place.

Sign Up & Start Earning

If you aren’t already signed up for Verizon’s Smart Rewards program, visit and sign in using your Verizon login credentials.

After you sign up, you’ll be taken to the Smart Rewards home page, where you’ll see a slew of all the different ways you can use your points. However, you first need to earn points in order to spend them. The good thing is that Verizon will give you up to 15,000 points when you first sign up for Smart Rewards, which is enough to get that free data.


If you don’t have any points yet, don’t worry. It’s really easy to earn them, and all you have to do is just continue to be a Verizon customer. Paying your monthly statement gives you 10 points per dollar, and you get an extra 50 points per dollar if you have a More Everything plan. From this alone, you’ll find out pretty quickly that it doesn’t take much effort at all to earn points, other than remembering to pay your bill.

Add Free Data to Your Plan Using Points

Once you have at least 5,000 points, you can add that free 1GB of data to your plan. To do this, begin by clicking on the big red banner toward the top of the Smart Rewards home page that says Use your points to add data to your More Everything plan.


On the next page, click Redeem Now and 1GB of data will automatically be added to your More Everything plan. This data will last for at least one full billing cycle, depending on when you add it, and it can be shared with other users who are on your More Everything plan as well.

Adding that extra 1GB of data can be a life saver if you ever run low on data and need an extra boost before the billing cycle ends. It’ll certainly save you from having to pay overage fees, which start at $15 for every 1GB that you go over that month.