How to Hide the Black Google Bar or Change it Back to White

If you’re not a fan of the new black Google toolbar that is a component of Google+ you can use one of these simple hacks to turn the Google bar back to white or to hide it altogether. These tweaks will also return the sidebar to a standard white and blue color scheme.

For more on why this change is happening, check out Why the Google bar is black and our closer look at the new Google+ social service which is a part of the design changes happening across Google.

How to Change the Google Bar Back to White

If you don’t like the new Google black bar you can change it back to white by using a simple Greasemonkey script. A Greasemonkey script is a small piece of code which many browsers can use to alter the way you see a webpage, allowing you to customize the look and feel of the page.

Google Bar Black to White

How to Change the Google from Bar Black to White.

The Google Bar Classic Greasemonkey script is a free download that will turn your Google toolbar back to white and will change your left side links back to white as well. There are still a few red colored elements in the left hand navigation area to prevent the script from failing on international versions. This script works in Chrome, Opera, FireFox and is under testing in Internet Explorer 9.

How to Hide the Black Google Bar

If you prefer to hide the black bar from the main Google search page completely, you can use this Greasemonkey script to hide the new Google black bar from This script won’t remove the toolbar from other Google pages which normally sport the quick access to Google tools and apps.

How To Use Greasemonkey Scripts

If you use FireFox or Google Chrome for your browser you are already set up to use GreaseMonkey scripts. If you are using one of these two browsers you can click install on the script page and the browser will handle the rest for you.

If you want to use them in another browser like Opera, Internet Explorer or Safari you should look at this guide to running Greasemonkey scripts in alternate browsers.

How To Change the Black Bar to Any Color

You can also change the Google black bar to any color you want with a Google Chrome Extension.