How to Get iOS 5 Now – 5 Options Under $10

If you can’t wait to until this Fall to get iOS 5 on your iPhone or iPad, we have you covered with a collection of solutions for installing the iOS 5 beta on your device right now without buying a $99 developers license. We’ve used this method to upgrade several devices to iOS 5, but be sure to read the warnings before you pay up and upgrade because there’s no going back.

How to Get iOS 5 Now

If you pay one of these sites and give them your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch UDID you can get access to the beta within a day. The upgrade process is simple and straightforward enough for most users, but be sure to read the warnings before you upgrade.

iOS 5 Beta Warnings

  1. Beta – This is a Beta and may not work as you expect. We have already had one crash on our iPad. Be sure you want to put up with bugs and issues before you upgrade your iPhone.
  2. No Turning Back – If you upgrade to the iOS 5 Beta you will not be able to go back to iOS 4.3. You will need to stay on the betas until the official iOS 5 arrives this fall.
  3. iTunes 10.5 – You’ll need iTunes 10.5 to sync over a cord to your computer.
  4. Work in Progress – This early version doesn’t have every feature, notably the camera icon on the lockscreen is missing and other items are still not polished.
  5. Apps – We haven’t run into this yet, but you may experience apps that won’t work as expected in IOS 5.

Essentially, the process is easy enough for anyone to upgrade to iOS 5 now, but if you depend on your iPhone or iPad a your connection to the world or for work, you may want to hold off until more users have made the upgrade.