How To Keep Your Reading List In Sync With iOS 5

Apple has made iCloud a big part of the iOS 5 experience on the iPhone and iPad. This new feature is built into Safari, and allows you to sync a reading list between all of your iOS devices and Safari on your computer.

The free service makes it possible to save a page to read later, and instantly pull it up. There are two areas where this is incredibly handy.

If you are about to run out the door, but want to read an article, you can add it to your reading list in Safari on your computer and pull it up on your iPhone while you wait in line later in the day.

In the reverse, if you are out and find a long article that would be better read on your iPad or on your computer, you can add it to the reading list to come back to when you have more time.

How To Use the Safari Reading List in iOS 5

This service will only work with the latest version of Safari and iOS 5 on your devices.

Adding a Page to Reading List on iOS 5

To add a new page on your iPhone or iPad, visit the page you want to add to your Reading List.

Add to Reading List on iPhone

Add to Reading List on iPhone

Tap on the small Send to icon in the bottom middle of your screen.

Choose Add to Reading List.

The webpage will sync to your Reading List and can be accessed on your other devices.

Adding a Page in Safari for Mac

To add page to your reading list on Safari, the process is similar.

Visit the page you want to add to your reading list.

Reading List Safari

Add to the Reading List in Safari

Click on the Reading Glasses icon.

Click Add Page.

Access Your Reading List in Safari on iOS 5 and Your Computer

To gain access to your list, you will click on the same Reading Glasses icon you did to add a page in Safari.

On the iPhone or iPad, you will have to tap the Bookmarks icon at the bottom of your page.

Next, click on Reading List selection at the top.

Reading List iPhone

View your Reading List on the iPhone

Using the new Reading List in iOS 5 is that simple. It is a nice way to keep track of articles and pages you want to be sure you can read later. Unfortunately, you cannot access the Reading List in other browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.