How to Make The Google Black Bar Any Color

By now you’ve probably noticed that Google black bar spanning the top of We showed you how to hide it or to change it to white, but now we want to show you how to change the Google black bar to any color you want.

Google plus bar orange

Google+ Bar Color Changer Let's You Customize

The Google+ bar Color Extension makes it possible to change the Google black bar or Google+ bar to any color you want. The process for picking your own color takes a few minutes of work on your end, but if you want to skip the backend work you can still make the Google black bar pink, blue or green without entering any text.

Google black bar pink

Google Black Bar turned Pink

If you want to turn your Google black bar into one of the three colors listed above, just download the extension and install it. If you want to make you Google+ bar match your desktop, browser or just your favorite color, here’s how to do it.

  1. Download the Google Plus Bar Color Changer from
  2. Unzip the file to your desktop.
  3. Open the unzipped folder and then open the color_plus folder
  4. Right click on contentscript.js and choose “Open with” – choose Notepad
  5. Click on open when a security warning pops up.


    Pick a Color You want for your Google+ Bar

  6. Find a color you like from
  7. Copy the 6 digit Hex Code which looks something like “FFAB19”
  8. In your Notepad file, click Edit and then Replace.

    colorpicker how to

    Put your color in the extension.

  9. In the top field enter “7daf3c” without the quotes
  10. In the bottom enter the Hex code you found in step 7.
  11. Click Replace and then save and close your file.
  12. In Chrome click on the Wrench -> Tools -> Extensions
  13. Click on Developer mode in the right corner.

    load color plus in chrome

    Developer Mode in Chrome.

  14. Then click Load unpacked extension.
  15. Choose your color_plus folder
  16. Refresh to enjoy your personalized Google+ bar in whichever color you want.

The Goolge+ color bar changer will change the color of your Google black bar across all Google sites including Mail, Documents, Google+, Calendar and more. Hopefully Google will offer themes down the road, but until then this extension is a nice way to change your color. It would be nice to have a built in color picker, but for a day old extension it is understandable.