How to Make VZAccess Manager Work With Mac OS X Lion

If you try to connect your Verizon MiFi, USB modem or other 3G and 4G access device to your Mac with OS X Lion on it, you’re in for disappointment.

The VZAccess Manager is not compatible with OS X Lion, and Verizon has no firm date on when an update will be available.

Thankfully, you can work around this issue to overcome two limitations of the current VZAccess Manager software that comes with your MiFi or USB modem.

This fix will help you with the following errors, allowing you to use your modem and hotspot with VZAccess Manager before Verizon has an official release.

OS X Lion VZAccess Manager Errors

Error 1:

VZAccess Manager can’t be installed on this computer.

VZAccess Manager does support OS X 64 bit kernel.” (Yes, it really says “does” in the message.)

Error 2:

VZAccess Manager installation requires administrator privileges

Please log in as a member of the administrator group to install.  VZAccess Manager must be run once in an administrative  account.  It can subsequently be run in a user account.

We’ll have to get past both of these errors to get VZAccess Manager working on OS X Lion.

How to Make VZAccess Manager Work With Mac OS X Lion

1. Download the right VZAccess Installer. We need to get an installer with the latest version. This is VZAccess Manager 7.3.1. You can download it direct from Verizon. Even though it is not compatible with all Verizon modems and hotspots it worked with our MiFi 2200. Your results may vary.

2. Double click the new VZAM_7.3.1_2673e_LTE.dmg file so it is mounted in Finder.

3. Open Terminal – Applications – > Utilities – > Terminal

4. Run the program as adminstrator.  Type the following command,

sudo /System/Library/CoreServices/

5. Enter your system password.

6. Use the window it opens to click into the VZAM_7.3.1_2673e_LTE mounted folder and double click on the VZAccess Manager package.

How to make VZAccess Manager Work on Lion

Special installation is required to make VZAccess manager work on OS X Lion.

7. Allow the installer to finish, enter your password when prompted and restart your computer.


This installer is not made specifically for every modem and hotspot, so you may see some issues. If you are unsure of these steps, wait for Verizon to release the updated software for your device. Unfortunately, Verizon forum employees indicate no known timeframe for the update.

Compatible installer via JB510