How to Manually Upgrade to iOS 5

Most of you will just want to sit and download all of the necessary updates for iOS 5 through iTunes.

However, for those of you that don’t like to sit around and wait, you have the option of downloading the iOS 5 update directly, bypassing the stagnant iTunes servers.

So, if you want to cut down on time or if you have a bad connection, you might want to consider downloading it directly and we’re here to help you through that.

First things first.

You’re going to need iTunes 10.5. Once you have that, you’re going to want to download the appropriate iOS 5 update for your device. The links you see below are courtesy of iBattaglia:

So, again, download the one you need.

iOS 5

Open up iTunes 10.5 and click on the ‘Check for Update’ button with the Option button (Mac) or the Shift button (PC) pressed down. Once you do that, you’ll be prompted and you’ll want to select the file that you just downloaded.

Soon, you will be upgraded to iOS 5 and all will be right in the world.

If you are worried about choosing the wrong file, or messing up your iOS device, just wait for the update, but if you can correctly identify your device, this is a faster way to get iOS 5.