How to Redeem a Code on the Xbox One and Xbox 360

The Xbox One and Xbox 360 are two of the best gaming consoles avaiable. Together they both represent how different technologies, that is hardware and software, can come together to create something bigger than just a video gaming machine.

To satisfy these users Microsoft makes content available for purchase in its Xbox Store. Users can purchase television shows, movies, game-add-ons and more thanks to prepaid cards and small QR codes that are available at local stores and inside games they already own.

Here’s how to redeem a code on the Xbox One and Xbox 360 for store credit, game add-ons, television shows and more.

Redeeming a code on the Xbox One

The Xbox One makes it very easy for users to redeem a code for a game or add-on. Once you’ve scratched away the covering to reveal a code on a prepaid card or have a square-shaped QR code from a game. Simply stand in front of your Xbox One with Kinect enabled and say, “Xbox, use a code.” The Xbox will immediately try to direct any QR codes it sees.

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You can also enter the numbers and letters that make up standard codes here as well.  Xbox users who don’t have their Kinect plugged in can also open the Store app and select Use a Code from the menu on the right.

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Redeeming a code on the Xbox 360

Redeeming codes on the Xbox 360 isn’t as effortless, but it is still straight forward.

Xbox 360 Controller

Pick up your Xbox 360 controller and press the circular Guide button in its center.

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Once the pop-up menu has surfaced move the top joystick on your controller to the left twice to open the My Games & Apps tab.

How to Redeem a Code on Xbox  (1)

Move the top joystick down once to hover over the Redeem Code menu option. Press A.

Now use the joystick and the A button to type in the letters and numbers on your prepaid code for game content or Xbox Live subscription. You do this by moving the joystick so that the on-screen cursor hovers over that letter and presssing A.  Once you’ve entered the code correctly, press the Start button on your controller.

That’s how to redeem a code on the Xbox One or Xbox 360. It’s important to remember that Xbox users can only redeem a code once. As such, if a code has already been used by a family member or someone else, it won’t work twice.

Users can redeem Xbox codes after logging in at here too.