How to Save a Wet Smartphone or Tablet

wet smartphone emergency kit

Save your wet smartphone with this kit.

No matter how careful you are with your smartphone it’s only a matter of time before you drop it into a pool, toilet or glass of beer. If not you, then a family member or friend, and as a reader of GottaBeMobile we want to make sure you are ready to save wet smartphones and tablets, no matter who they belong to.

We’ve found a cool product that will help you save a wet smartphone or tablet and a testimonial you can trust. The DRY-ALL Wet Smartphone Emergency Kit and Wet Tablet Emergency Kit offer an easy way to quickly save your drowned device. These kits contain a number of small beads that draw the water out of your phone, pulling moisture out of the nooks, crannies and circuit boards to get your device back in shape.

The smartphone version can dry your phone in as little as 6 hours and can be reused up to five times. The wet tablet rescue kit is a one time use bag can accommodate ereaders, iPads and other tablets.

Given our obsession with using our smartphones it’s no surprise that numerous surveys point to the popularity of using our iPhones, iPads and Android devices while on the toilet, in the tub or by the pool. After you get over the fact that some of these users won’t be washing their smartphone off before they head out of the bathroom you’ll realize the high likelihood of loosing a cell phone to water damage.

The DRY-ALL rescue kits claim a 100% rescue rate if you follow all of the directions. We haven’t tossed our own smartphone in the water to test it yet, but GearDiary put the Wet Smartphone Emergency kit to the test and successful revived an Android smartphone after a soak in the swimming pool.

As for directions, they are pretty simple.

  1. Turn off smartphone immediately.
  2. Smartphone wet by Salt Water, Soda or Beer? Rinse smartphone with distilled water.
  3. Towel dry smartphone.
  4. Place smartphone in kit with the screen facing up.
  5. Seal smartphone kit.
  6. Wait 6 to 48 hours.
  7. Open kit . Repeat Step 6 if moisture remains
  8. When dry. Turn on phone.

While you obviously want to get your wet smartphone or tablet into the drying kit as fast as possible, you can follow the first several steps and then go get your ALL-DRY Smartphone Emergency kit at a local retailer like Walmart or you can order one online and put your phone in it as soon as it arrives in the mail. If you are a high risk user, you may want to invest in the $25 Wet Smartphone Emergency Kit right now, just to be safe.