How To Set Customized Vibrations in iOS 5

If you turn your iPhone to vibrate often while you’re in meetings then you know that feeling of feeling your iPhone vibrate but you can’t distinguish if it’s that important call or not.

In another catch up move, Apple now allows iOS 5 users to set up custom vibrations that are assigned to your various contacts in the same way you can set up a ringtone for a contact. These Customized Vibrations come with a few that are pre-defined and you can make your own.

It’s actually pretty simple to set up.

  • Go to Settings, General, Accessibility
  • Turn on Customized Vibrations
  • Then head over to you Contacts and pick a Contact.
  • Choose Edit
  • Then Choose Vibration. It is right below Ringtone
  • Once there you can choose one of the Standard Vibrations
  • Or, you can choose Create New Vibration
  • This brings you to the screen where you can tap away until your heart’s content to create whatever rhythm you want for the vibration. Hit Stop when done.
  • Save it and that’s the Vibration for your Contact.

Now when your contact calls and you have the phone set to vibrate you’ll feel all personal like with their dedicated buzz in your pocket.