How to Setup Passbook with Starbucks on the iPhone

iOS 6 brings Passbook to the iPhone, allowing users to make payments at Starbucks without their wallet.

Passbook is a central hub for giftcards, coupons, tickets and other types of passes. The great thing about passbook is that all the items mentioned before are available right on the iPhone for easy access.

This helps get rid of the, “I forgot that dang giftcard again!” dilemma which happens far too often than necessary. Adding giftcards to Passbook is an easy process and this guide will instruct users how to add a Starbucks giftcard to Passbook.

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How to Add a Starbucks Giftcard to Passbook

To add the Starbucks giftcard to Passbook users need the Starbucks App from the App Store and a Starbucks giftcard. With those in hand, open the Starbucks app.

Tap my Card

After the opening the app, Tap my Card.

Sign In or Sign Up

If the user already has an account with Starbucks Select Sign In and if not choose Sign Up.

Sign up info

Enter the required information and when finished Select Continue.

After creating the account, enter the giftcard.

Tap my Card

Tap my Card.

Enter GiftcardEnter the Card number and 8 digit code then select Add in the top right corner.

Add to Passbook prompt

Tap OK to add the Card to Passbook.

Tap to pay within the app

To pay from within the app Tap the Touch to Pay circle.

A card is displayed and it can then be presented in front of a scanner to redeem the gift card.

Starbucks App Scan

Once done using the card Tap the Green circle.

Another useful feature of the app is the option to add money to the card from the iPhone. To do this Tap Reload.

Reload Card

On the next screen enter the amount of how much to reload the card by.

Reload Giftcard from the app

To access the card from Passbook Tap Passbook.


The card from Starbucks should appear like so.

From Passbook App

This is very convenient to use but if the card doesn’t appear by default here is how to manually add it.

Go to the Starbucks app. Select My Cards and then Tap Manage.

Manually add card to passbook

Tap Add card to Passbook.

Add card to Passbook Manual

After selecting this, reopen the Passbook app and the giftcard will appear.

To find nearby Starbucks stores to use the giftcard at Open the Starbucks app and Select Stores.

Starbucks stores on Map

There is a Map view and also a List view to choose from to find the closest store. By tapping on one of the green push pins Favorite stores can be set as well for an easy way to find them. With the card added in passbook the giftcard should also appear on the lock screen when the user is near a Starbucks location.