How to Swear on Android (And Disable Blocking Offensive Words)

Last week we shared some details regarding how to add words to the dictionary on your Android device, which spawned a few questions from readers, one which many of you have dealt with in the past. Swearing and using curse words. If you want to swear, go ahead, but Android has a few settings that may automatically wash your mouth out with soap.


Over the past couple of years Google’s really improved the voice-to-text features on Android. Google Now allows for instant Google searches through your voice, and many users even reply to emails and text messages all by voice. As a result, you’ve probably tried to call a friend an @$$hole while joking around, only to find out Google blocks offensive words. Not to mention the keyboard never suggests a curse word when you’re typing along. This is autocorrect done right.


If you curse like a sailor, as I sometimes do in frustration (like watching my football team lose) you’ve probably tried to text a friend only to get “these ducking refs are awful” in a text message. This is all a part of Google’s plan. The keyboard by default won’t suggest or even type swear words, so many users add them to the device dictionary, and if you’re using your voice that you’ll end up with S*** or f****** instead of the actual word.


Then, it blocks words Google deems offensive, so you’ll get regular words that won’t show up as well. Wired has a list of words Google blocks, and it’s quite odd to see some that are included and excluded. For example, almost all illegal drugs won’t appear, but Marijuana comes out just fine. So, with all this being said, here’s how to swear on Android by disabling all these fences Google has in place.



There’s a few different steps here, they disable a setting in different areas, and you’ll want to do both. Google Search (Google Now) handles the voice controls, while the regular phone settings menu handles the rest. You’ll want to disable the “block offensive words” while talking with speech-to-text as you see in the image above, and you’ll want to let the keyboard allow the words as well.

You’ll head into settings by finding the gear-shaped icon in the notification pulldown bar for settings, or in the application tray, or hit menu on your device and head into system settings. Then proceed to the following area below.

Settings > Language & input > Google keyboard settings (or keyboard of choice)


Once you’re here you’ll scroll down to the text correction area of the menu and uncheck “Block offense words” and that’s it. You’ll now be able to text with swear words, and the dictionary may even suggest them from time to time. However, the biggest issue is that dreaded “s***” you see when using your voice to reply to text messages or emails, so here’s how to fix that.


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In able to swear with your voice, and have Android type it correctly, you’ll need to disable the same setting as we detailed above, but in the voice aspect of the settings menu. As a result you can do this a few ways, but if you’re already in the same menu as above, it’s dead simple.

Settings > Language & input > Google voice typing (not in keyboard, but below it) and tap the settings icon on the right.


This takes you right into the Google Search (Google Now) voice typing settings menu and there’s only a few options, once which is the same “Block offensive words” and you’ll want to uncheck this again. Users can also head into Google Now, hit settings at the bottom right, then select “voice” from the options, and uncheck the same box in this category.



Alternatively you can also enable “Personalized recognition” which will help Google’s voice-to-text engine be more accurate in the future. Whether you have an accent, lisp, or just talk with a southern twang.

That’s it, and now your Android smartphone or tablet will understand your potty mouth, and will go ahead and share those naughty words with the world, instead of filtering out your personality.