How to Upgrade from the iOS 7 Beta to iOS 7 Public Release

If you are one of the many users who installed the iOS 7 beta or iOS 7 GM to try out the new iOS 7 features before the public release today, you cannot simply check for an iOS 7 update and get off of the beta or off the iOS 7 GM.

Thankfully, upgrading from the iOS 7 beta to the iOS 7 public release is straightforward and you can even avoid the long process of a restore.

The process may take a little longer than the average iOS 7 update time, but it will be much faster than performing a full restore. Upgrading from an iOS 7 beta to the public release is necessary for users who are not on the iOS 7 GM, as earlier betas expire. The iOS 7 GM does not expire, but users may want to upgrade anyway to get on the official release, especially if they are not an actual developer.

If you are a regular user, follow this iOS 7 Upgrade guide for an easier experience.

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How to Upgrade from the iOS 7 Beta to iOS 7 Final

The first thing you will need to do is find the official iOS 7 download for your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. If you are an official iOS Developer, go to the iOS Developer Center where Apple publishes the iOS 7 download links and start downloading.

If you installed the GM for free or paid $7 or $8 to try the iOS 7 beta through a site like IMZDL or others, you will need to find the iOS 7 download link on your own. It is typically easier to get the final iOS 7 release download link than that of a beta, so expect a plethora of iOS 7 download options late today or tomorrow.

1. Download the iOS 7 official release .ipsw.

2. Plug your iPhone or iPad into a computer and open iTunes.

3. Perform a backup to the computer just to be safe.

4. In iTunes click on the iPhone option in the upper right and when you see the Restore and Upgrade options you are on the right screen.

This step will upgrade you to the official iOS 7 release version.

This step will upgrade you to the official iOS 7 release version.

5. Now special click on Check for Update. To do this,

  • Hold alt/option on Mac when you click Check for Update.
  • On Windows, hold Shift when you click Check for Update.

6. Browse to the iOS 7 download you just finished and click on the .ipsw file.

7. Let the iOS 7 upgrade complete and you should be on the official iOS 7 version without the need for a lengthy restore.