How to Use Reply With Message and Reminders in iOS 6 (Video)

In iOS 6, iPhone owners gain access to a smarter phone app that lets them decline calls while choosing to reply with a text or set a reminder to call back at a later time or location.

This new iOS 6 feature isn’t as obvious as Passbook or Do Not Disturb mode, because the iPhone doesn’t show the new reply with message or remind options until a user swipes up.

This guide will show how to decline a call to the iPhone with a text message and how to set a reminder to call someone back at a time or at a certain location.

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Smarter replies and reminders for the Phone app are available on all iPhone with iOS 6, including the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.

Using Reply with Text and Reminders in iOS 6

How to Reply with a Text in iOS 6

When the iPhone rings, instead of double tapping the home button to ignore a call, iOS 6 allows users to slide up for advanced options.

Reply with Message iOS 6 iPHone

Reply with Message on iOS 6.

Instead of sliding to answer, slide up, just like accessing the camera on the lock screen.

This reveals new options. To send a text, tap on Reply with Message.

From here, users can pick from several options, or tap custom to type or dictate a new message.

The caller is sent to voicemail and should receive a text within a few seconds. To customize the three options, users can open

Settings -> Phone -> Reply with Message

Here, users can enter there own personal replies, even tailored to individual callers. just don’t send the wrong reply.

This will send a text message or an iMessage the same as the built in messages app, and create a new conversation in Messages.

How to Set Call Back Reminders in iOS 6

Another option after sliding up during an incoming call is to set a reminder in the Reminders app.

This option supports location based or time based reminders.

location reminder calls in iOS 6

Set location reminders for call backs in iOS 6.

Users can choose to be reminded in one hour. There are no other time based reminder options available.

The nicer option is to set a location-based reminder. Users can choose to set a reminder to call when leaving the current location, which is handy for calls that come in during lunch.

Users can also set reminders based on arriving at home or work. The locations for home or work are tied to the iCloud contact card that the Reminders app uses on the iPhone.

Here’s how to set up locations for reminders.

There are no other location based reminder options, but users can set an alternate home or work location if that fits their needs better than their real place of employment. Many users will make their work location a school or college.