How To Use Siri to Create Reminders For Any Location

If you want to get more out of Siri, the new personal assistant app exclusive to the iPhone 4S, you’ll want to use location based reminders.

Location based reminders are part of the new iOS 5 Reminder App. These reminders allow you to get a prompt based on your location, opening up a number of possibilities.

You can ask Siri to create a Reminder based on a number of different locations, but if you want to get fancy, it will take some setup on your part.

Keep in mind that if you use location based reminders, you can hurt your battery life. If you do use these, be sure you read up on tips on how to get better battery life with the iPhone 4S.

How To Use Create a Location Reminder with Siri

Siri Location - Location of a contact

Set location based reminders with Siri.

Hold your Home Button for two seconds.

Tell Siri to, “Remind me to call Phil when I get to work.”

Siri will show you your reminder, and allow you to confirm or cancel.

When you arrive at the location, Siri will remind you to do whatever you asked.

This works for a number of locations, but Siri will need help to add them.

How to Teach Siri New Locations

Siri Location - Set School

Set Alternate Locations

Siri will let you add new locations to your contact record.

You can teach Siri a number of locations when creating a reminder. Here are a few locations Siri can add during conversation;

  • Work
  • Home
  • School
  • Gym

You can use Siri to create more reminders, but you’ll have to do some background work to get that set up. Trying to have Siri add other locations during conversation will just leave Siri confused, and you frustrated.

How to Add Even More locations for Reminders

If you want to add a business, intersection or address to use as a reminder, you can create a new contact, or add the address to an existing contact. If you have set up relationships with Siri, you can also use the nickname you created.

For example. I can set a reminder to do something when I get to a friend’s house by saying his name. If I want to set a reminder for when I get to my Mom’s, I can say, “Remind me to do the dishes when I get to Mom’s house.” and Siri can connect the relationship and her address to my reminder.

This also works with businesses. If I say, “Remind me to talk to Tim Cook about the iPhone 5 when I get to Apple Inc.”, Siri will create the reminder.

If you want to create reminders for when you get to a certain address, to the mall or a favorite store — you just need to create a contact and add the address.

  • To add an address to a contact, Open up Contacts.
  • Choose your contact.
  • Tap Edit.
  • Add an Address.
  • Save.

If you add a business, such as the local mall, you can create a relationship, or just call it the mall, to use Reminders there.

After you add the Mall, you can shorten things up, by creating a relationship. So that Remind me to get a gift at the Findlay Village Mall, is just the mall.