HP Mini 1000 Now Has Mobile Broadband

HP is now offering the addition of mobile broadband option with the HP Mini 1000. For $199 you can add the option on purchase. HP’s is using the un2400 Mobile Broadband card and it supports GSM and CDMA based networks with self activation options. That means you get to choose between Verizon’s EVDO or AT&T’s HSPDA.

You can access and activate service through HP’s Connection Manager software. For those looking for this kind of solution for always on access it is great to have the option.

Without taking HP specifically to task here, I just have to say this. If the purpose of Netbooks is to be used as an Internet device, it seems to me these type of solutions should be included from the get go. Yeah, I know companies have been in a hurry to get the product out the door, and I’m speculating that they look at adding cards for broadband access is a way to make up for the low profit margins. But in my way of looking at things, it seems like a paradox.