HP TouchPad Returning to Best Buy on November 1st, With A Catch

Best Buy has announced that it will begin selling the HP TouchPad once again starting November 1st only this time there is a catch involved. The retailer will be offering up the webOS powered tablet for a cool $150 but in order to get a TouchPad, you’ll need to pick up an HP desktop or laptop. Yeah, unfortunately, it’s not a straight up fire sale this time around.

The deal will be available through both Best Buy’s online store and at its physical locations throughout the United States.

So yes, this is the second resurrection of the HP TouchPad and it comes amidst rumors that HP is thinking about killing off the webOS software that powers it. Keep that in mind before you decide to jump on this bundle.

HP TouchPad

However, if you just want a bigger screen for internet and email, this is a deal to take a look at, especially if you’re in the market for a new PC as well.

This is the second resurrection of the HP TouchPad, will there be another before the holidays are over?

Only time will tell.