HP TouchSmart Software Gets More Touchable

HP’s refreshing the touch interface on its all-in-one PCs. The Touchsmart 600 and the newly minted Toucsmart 310 appear to have a heavily customized version of Thinix running on top of Windows 7. The Touchsmart’s UI is much more fluid and touch applications are no longer required to run in full screen, offering a little breathing room.

The TouchSmart Apps Center allows users to purchase touch-enabled apps from Marvel, the Cartoon Network and other partners. There are a handful of touch-enabled games as well. The “Magic Canvas” allows users to freely drag applications, files and web content around the display.

The HP TouchSmart tm2 will also get an update with TouchSmart Mobile 2.0 software in the coming weeks.

The new revision of the software looks like a big improvement compared to what’s on my TouchSmart 600xt, which my wife and I use as our bedroom PC. The fullscreen applications are a bit unwieldily on the 23″ display.