HTC Desire Z Gingerbread Roll Out Begins, G2 Owners Can Only Watch And Wait

Well, that was sure fast. Just a few short days after HTC made it known that it was preparing to finally push out the Gingerbread update for the HTC Desire Z, it seems as though the roll out has officially begun.

Desire Z

HTC Inside is reporting that HTC Germany has confirmed that the update is indeed rolling out to German handsets today and we’ve also started seeing some Desire Z from other countries saying that they too are seeing the update.

Remember, HTC had said that some carriers would be getting the update before others would so if the update hasn’t hit your phone just yet, don’t panic. It might take a few days. That being said, HTC confirmed that the update would be rolling out by the end of July so if you don’t see it today or tomorrow, you’ll likely see it at some point within the next two weeks.

So, this should be pleasant news for Desire Z owners who originally thought they were going to be getting upgraded to Android 2.3 Gingerbread back in June. The roll out is also a good sign that the update for the T-Mobile G2, the Desire Z’s American brother, is likely imminent.

Any Desire Z owners get their helping of Gingerbread yet?

Via: Pocketnow