HTC Flyer Price Dropping to $299 at Best Buy

Yesterday, it became readily apparent that the price of the Android-powered HTC Flyer would be dropping at Best Buy in wake of the Amazon’s Kindle Fire announcement. And while yesterday it was unconfirmed, today, Best Buy made it official and the HTC Flyer will be dropping down to the low price of $299 starting tomorrow. That’s a pretty steep decrease from the device’s previous $499 price tag.

This is not a sale either. This is a permanent price drop and one that should make the HTC Flyer and its HTC Scribe technology more appealing to the masses. It’s also an effort to try and get rid of these before Amazon releases the $199 Kindle Fire in November. But hey, Best Buy would never say that.

The HTC Flyer price drop is just one of many that is expected in the weeks ahead. Already we saw the Wi-Fi only version of the Motorola Xoom fall to an unheard of price at Woot and Barnes and Noble dropped the price of the Nook Color yesterday as well.

HTC Flyer

Best Buy’s deal for the HTC Flyer will be available both online and in-stores and is worth a look if you’ve been in the market for an Android tablet.

We definitely enjoyed our time with it.