HTC HD8 Ready to Succeed HD7?

Though HTC had taken a departure from the HTC HD7 and HD7s with the release of the larger-screened Titan, the company may be revisiting the 4.3-inch display form factor for the Windows Phone platform. A device with the HD8 moniker was seen in stats released by the app “I’m a WP7.”
Unlike the HTC HD7, which got the 7 in its branding from the Windows Phone 7 operating system, it appears that the HTC HD8 won’t be shipping with Windows Phone 8 Apollo. Rather, the device is running Windows Phone 7 buildĀ 7740 and was caught on the I’m a WP7 app at the end of 2011.

If the device is released in the earlier part of 2011, it could potentially be released with Windows Phone 7 Tango build.

The device is said to be undergoing testing on a Romanian carrier network.

If the HTC HD8 will continue the legacy 4.3-inch display size, it may be appeal to those who like to have a phone with a large screen, but one that is not quite as big as the 4.7-inch on the HTC Titan, which is currently available in the U.S. through AT&T.

Via: WP Central