HTC One Max Leaks Again, Galaxy Note 3 Battle Looms

While still unannounced, leaks point to an impending match up between not only the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and the HTC One Mini but the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the HTC One Max, a larger version of the HTC One that has leaked once again, a sign that HTC is serious about battling the Galaxy Note series with a phablet of its own.

For weeks now, leaks have suggested that the HTC One will be joined by a couple of other models down the road including a smaller variant and a larger variant, both aimed squarely at Samsung’s devices. The first, a device known as the HTC M4 or HTC One Mini, that is said to be a 4.3-inch variant of the HTC One that will be arriving in early August. HTC hasn’t announced anything but leaks are clear: This device will be coming to shelves to challenge the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, Samsung’s smaller Galaxy S4.

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The HTC One Max looks like it's set to battle the Galaxy Note 3.

The HTC One Max looks like it’s set to battle the Galaxy Note 3.

The second is a device known as the HTC T6, also known as the HTC One Max, and it’s a device that is thought to be a challenger to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, a device that is thought to be coming out in September of this year. Like the HTC One Mini, it’s thought to be similar, design-wise to the HTC One and be coming with a stylus of some kind, just like the Galaxy Note series.

Both of these devices remain rumored but it’s clear that these devices are real devices and even more evidence of their existence has surfaced today in the form of a leaked document from German carrier O2.

MobiFlip leaked out a document that not only shows the HTC One Mini but the HTC One Max alongside a number of devices that are already out on shelves. It backs up the claims that the HTC One Mini name is the real deal and it seems to point to the HTC One Max name being real as well. Carriers certainly are the ones to have inside information prior to launch so it’s not surprising to learn that O2 would be privy to these names ahead of time.

The HTC One Max name appears to be real.

The HTC One Max name appears to be real.

Unfortunately there isn’t much else attached to the name. And for those interested in the HTC One Max, that’s a bit disappointing considering we haven’t been able to nail down a release date.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is expected to debut in early September and it could be that HTC debuts its device around the same time. Fortunately for consumers, this is just more evidence that a larger HTC One exists and that a battle with the Galaxy Note 3 looks set for later this year.