HTC One Release Could Be Hampered by Shortages

The HTC One release may not go smoothly due to shortages of the HTC One at retail.

HTC shipments may see cuts of up to 80%, from 4 million units to as few as 800,000 HTC One shipped in the first half of 2013, claims KGI Securities.

The prediction comes from Ming-chi Kuo, who has many sources inside the supply chain for smartphone companies in Asia, and routinely delivers accurate information on Apple products ahead of the official launch.

Kuo explains the reasons behind the delay, which could prove detrimental to the HTC One’s success.

We believe the production restraints that UltraPixel faces will severely limit HTC One Shipments.

According to his sources, the HTC One voice coil motor and UltraPixel camera module are producing in yields of 20-30%, which limites the number of HTC One device HTC can assemble and ship.

HTC is proud of the HTC One design and manufacturing process, which incorporates a metal unibody design, The company shares more about the HTC One design and manufacturing process in the video below.

There is no mention of a delay or parts issues in this HTC promotional video.

HTC One Release Date

The HTC One is slated to launch on 185 carriers in 80 regions and countries starting this month. At least one carrier in Asia is planning an HTC One Release in early March. There are reports that the AT&T HTC One release is slated for March, and other U.S. carriers may follow shortly after. The HTC One release date is rumored for April in India and HTC expects the HTC One release date in China to land before May.

This shortage, may delay the HTC One release date in several countries and regions as HTC attempts to direct what supplies it has to areas where HTC faces the greatest competition from Samsung and Apple.

The HTC One release date could come with major shortages due to issues with the UltraPixel camera production.

The HTC One release date could come with major shortages due to issues with the UltraPixel camera production.

HTC and U.S. carriers have yet to announce an official U.S. HTC One release date, but the HTC One $100 credit still requires users to activate a new HTC One before March 31st.

Even if the HTC One launches in the U.S. in March, this news likely means shoppers will have a hard time finding the device in carrier stores and at retailers like Radio Shack which plans to carry the HTC One on release.

Shoppers can sign up for HTC One release date details from T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint. This will let users know when the HTC One release is and help them get to the front of the line.

The HTC One is the latest smartphone from HTC which brings a 4.7-inch 1080P HD display, a new UltraPixel camera and a metal unibody design to Android users. HTC is counting on an early release, and stock on hand to sell, to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S4 which will be announced next week.