HTC One S Won’t Get Android 4.2 or Sense 5

The HTC One S, which was promised the new Sense 5, won’t be getting the update after all and unfortunately, the mid-range device won’t be getting an update to Android 4.2 Jelly Bean either as HTC has confirmed that it will stay on its current versions of Android and Sense instead.

Back in February, HTC promised the Sense 5 update to not only HTC One S owners, but to owners of the HTC One X, One X+ and HTC Butterfly. While the news has been good for One X, One X+ and Butterfly owners, HTC One S owners have had to contend with disappointing news for the past few months with unofficial sources claiming that it would likely not get the Sense 5 or Android 4.2 updates.

The HTC One S Android 4.2 & Sense 5 update continues to disappoint.

The HTC One S Android 4.2 & Sense 5 are cancelled.

Yesterday, HTC France said that the device would not be getting the update and it would be staying on its current versions of Sense and Android. The regional wings of companies can often provide bad information so it wasn’t confirmed. Today, it is confirmed, with HTC saying that the HTC One S will indeed remain on Android 4.1 and the older version of Sense.

In a statement, the company explained its decision:

We can confirm that the HTC One S will not receive further Android OS updates and will remain on the current version of Android and HTC Sense. We realize this news will be met with disappointment by some, but our customers should feel confident that we have designed the HTC One S to be optimized with our amazing camera and audio experiences.

This is almost identical to the response that HTC France gave to a customer yesterday so HTC France was dead on, just a day earlier than its global counterparts.

The cancellation of Sense 5 is surely going to be a sting to those that felt assured that they would be getting Sense 5 and it will likely frustrate those that wanted Android 4.2, despite the lack of a promise.

The HTC One S of course isn’t an old device arriving alongside the HTC One X last year. And while the HTC One S won’t get any upgrades, the HTC One X is in line to get both Android 4.2 and the new Sense 5.

What this means is that HTC One S owners are now going to need to rely on the development community to deliver Android 4.2 and Sense 5 instead of on HTC.