HTC Rezound Compared to HTC ThunderBolt in New Video

Yesterday, we got our first extensive look at the upcoming HTC Rezound aka HTC Vigor, a device that will more than likely be announced by HTC at an event in New York City on November 3rd. Today, another video has surfaced offering up yet another sneak peek at the highly anticipated smartphone. This time though, we the Rezound get compared to the HTC ThunderBolt, the phone that it will be replacing.

This new video is actually a lot longer than the one yesterday. It last for almost 10 minutes and it even includes a heavy dose of 3 Doors Down for those who are still living in the early 2000’s.

The Rezound’s thin design, high resolution screen, software and more are all the centerpieces of this video so if you’ve been looking at getting this device, you’ll probably want to sit through the entire thing.

It’s looking like a solid device but we still don’t see it being able to compete with the Galaxy Nexus or even the Droid RAZR for that matter.

We’ll know for sure on Thursday though.

Via: Droid-Life