Hugo Ortgea’s Tega Tablet Prepares to Debut at CeBit Australia

We’ve blogged about down under Tableteer and former GBM Team member Hugo Ortega’s adventure into bringing a Tablet to market earlier. Now it looks like the debut of the Tega Tablet is just around the corner, coming at CeBit Australia on May 24 to May 26.

The Tega Tablet promises both touch and pen interaction, with a 10 inch screen and weighing in at 1kg. 3G comes as standard. It’s running an Intel Atom 1.6GHz processorBut there are some real questions to ask here. TegaTech (Hugo’s firm) is upfront saying that you’re looking at only 3 hours of battery life and less if you’re doing a lot of web work.

We’re working to get Hugo to do a podcast interview with us at some point.