Hulu To The Rescue

Uh, oh. Over the weekend we discovered that our Cable Box/DVR was dying and had to schedule to take it in and pick up a new one this morning. This isn’t a tremendous deal, except my wife has become a cable or TV provider’s worst nightmare in that she doesn’t wish to watch anything live anymore, preferring to watch things on her own timetable using the DVR. She had a number of shows she had scheduled to watch, and of course, once the box goes bye-bye, so does any show you have recorded.

But not to fear. Most of what she was looking to watch this weekend she was able to view on Hulu, so that calmed things down a bit. So, she sat down with her Netbook, fired up Hulu in her browser and seemed reasonably content with what she was able to watch.

Now there’s a tangible benefit here for couples who don’t always agree on what to watch/record. I don’t have to watch some of the shows she adores, that I secretly despise, when she’s watching them on the small screen. I’m sure some would look at a couple watching two different shows on two different mobile devices as odd. But fortunately this weekend we didn’t paint that picture as I was in rehearsals and not able to do much viewing.

How about you? How much is online TV viewing becoming a part of your lifestyle?