I Am Passionate, But Can’t Use Windows Phone

Two of my friends have faced off recently about Windows Phone with different views so I figured I would chime in as well. Matt Miller, James Kendrick, and I are all friends from the similar background online. We’re all very passionate about mobile, all three of us were Mobius members, we each have a PDA background, and James and I were Microsoft MVPs at one point.

James started off with “Windows Phone: The passionless platform“ and Matt followed up with “I am passionate about Windows Phone, just give it a try“. Before those that don’t know either of them personally, they both give every platform a fair shake and both have spent time with the old Windows Mobile before the iPhone came along. James says that he appreciates and likes Windows Phone but the platform just doesn’t provide him with a level of excitement that he gets from Android and iOS. Matt comes behind him and says that you have to use Windows Phone for more than a couple of weeks to appreciate the platform. He says it doesn’t have the “Mindshare” the others do, but those that have adopted Windows Mobile are passionate.

As the only one of us that spent 6 years as a Windows Mobile/Phone MVP and the only one of us to have run a Windows Mobile focused website, I am in the middle on this discussion. You would think I would lean more towards Windows Phone than Matt even. Truth is, I want Windows Phone to succeed and I do want Microsoft to get back in the race, but there are several things holding them back. I want to get behind Windows Phone, but it’s tough to when I can’t even use a quality Windows Phone with my current carrier. Sure, I could leave Verizon and go back to AT&T, but I already spent $1,000 in early termination and new customer fees moving my family to Verizon in December. I can’t go back now. I know that this is a personal problem, but It shouldn’t be. Verizon and Sprint should have more than 1 token, outdated device in their portfolio. This isn’t my fault.

To the passion part of this. I have the passion. I want to use Windows Phone but I can’t.

  • Android, while very versatile doesn’t excited me.
  • iOS definitely doesn’t excite me.
  • Windows Phone does excite me.

The good things that Microsoft has going for it with Windows Phone are Nokia and a unique OS that looks awesome, is easy to understand, and makes some tasks 10x simplier than the same tasks on the other platforms. If AT&T and Nokia weren’t behind Windows Phone as much as they are, I sincerely believe Microsoft would be in a bad place right now. They aren’t exactly in a happy place yet, but they are moving forward some.

What I don’t like about Windows Phone has nothing to do with the OS itself. It has to do with the specs and the marketing. While Nokia is marketing to what seems to be hip teens overseas, Microsoft is hopping on Oprah and Kelly type shows pushing the OS to “Mommies”. That’s fine, but don’t dumb down the OS down to appeal to soccer moms please. With the recent “Dumbing Down” of the hardware requirements, it’s clear that Microsoft is giving up on the power user in my opinion.

Like Matt and James, I have used pretty much every platform for extended periods of time. I will be honest and say that I have used Windows Phone the least between what I consider the main three. Part of that was during Windows Phone’s 1st year on the block. There were too many little things that were left out that needed to be there for it to be my daily driver. During that year, I used Android and iOS. I used the iPhone 4 for a few months and the Motorola Atrix for the rest of that time. During this time, I had the Samsung Focus and popped the Sim in every once in a while. After Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) dropped, I gave the HTC Titan a try before returning to Android and ultimately leaving AT&T for Verizon. Now I use the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. I have put my work sim in the Titan on occasion, but I am really waiting for the Nokia Lumia 900 to be released to use with my work sim or possibly get another AT&T line in addition to my Verizon line. The Nokia Lumia 900 is the Windows Phone “Flagship” phone I have been waiting on.

Unlike James, I have passion for Windows Phone but don’t use it. I think a lot like Matt in regards to Windows Phone.

I will say this again. Verizon and Sprint have to get behind Windows Phone for it to win in the US. I sincerely believe that Windows Phone does not have the power that Apple had to get people to switch carriers to use it. Instead of going backwards in hardware specifications, move forward. While it’s been proven that a phone with a single core processor can run Windows Phone as smoothly as a dual core running Android, why stop at that? Go Big, Go Dual, Go Quad. Give us more internal memory instead of making the carriers happy by pushing cloud storage!

Microsoft – I am passionate, but you guys are making it hard. Heck, I even made an offer to get a Windows Phone Tattoo.

Nokia – Thanks for helping Microsoft. Without you, they’d be in trouble.