I Feel Bad Because My Wife Has Now Become a Stall Surfer

There’s no secret that I believe that one of the chief advantages of using mobile gadgets is that it makes Stall Surfing even easier to do. I post about that frequently. Whether you’re using a Tablet, a smartphone, or an eBook Reader it doesn’t matter. Frankly, I think deep down in the hearts of engineers and gadget designers they work towards this as a goal.

Well, my lovely wife Thomasin, who has become a real Netbook user (she still doesn’t get Tablets) just surprised the hell out of me. We were sitting on our porch on a beautiful Sunday morning. She was checking her email and then decided she needed to, well, you know pay a visit to the bathroom. She picked up her Netbook and took it with her. I was shocked. I still am. I feel so bad. But, then again, maybe not.

And no, I’m not going to post a picture of this.