I Think Steve Jobs Should Send my Mom an iPad

My Mom has become an iPad evangelist during this latest visit to the hospital. For those who have been following her journey she’s doing much, much better and we should find out what the next phase of the journey will be later today.

In the meantime Mom is unknowingly working for Steve Jobs and helping him sell a few iPads. Walk into her room for any reason and she demands you see the pictures of flowers on the iPad. From there it turns into a discussion about the iPad. I keep reminding the professionals that these are not billable minutes while they are exploring and learning about the iPad.

At least two of the folks who have had Mom’s tour of the iPad have said they will be getting one and one doctor this morning says he’s placed his order.

So, Steve, you’ve got quite an evangelist here in my Mom. You might want to send her the tools to work with as I’m not here all the time.