Why I’m Buying a T-Mobile iPhone 5S

From the moment users found out that the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S were on their way, many would-be buyers have asked the same questions over and over: is the iPhone 5S worth it, and have the changes that Apple made to the iOS 7 operating system and the iPhone made it compelling? I can’t answer those questions for everyone, but personally I’m buying an iPhone 5S on T-Mobile and here’s why.

The iPhone 5S itself

As devices like the HTC One and Lumia 925 demonstrate, other smartphone manufacturers are starting to catch on to Apple’s hardware philosophies. More and more, devices are shipping with robust metal enclosures and well-designed proportions. Unfortunately, none of them deliver industrial design like Apple, and Apple has managed to impress with the iPhone 5 last year. Since the iPhone 5S borrows all of that device’s looks, Apple’s latest and greatest is still the best looking high-end phone users can purchase today. At least, in my opinion.


The iPhone 5S display may feature new tech, but will likely stay at 4-inches.

The Apple iPhone 5S is just a great smartphone.

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Having been a T-Mobile customer for three years, following a long sordid affair with both Sprint & AT&T, I won’t be switching to pick up the iPhone 5S when it debuts. Although its network gets particularly questionable in some specific places I frequent, T-Mobile’s  Wi-Fi calling features have made me a fan for life.

The company’s new foray into allowing users to purchase devices separate from their service plan aren’t hurting their reputation with me either. Although I could start a new line and pay for my device in installments or join T-Mobile’s JUMP program, I won’t be doing either. The carrier’s monthly pricing for wireless services is comparatively low, however things start to add up when you pile on the $10 for Jump plus monthly payments as part of the carrier’s new device purchase plan. I’ll be buying my iPhone 5S unlocked.

iOS 7

I’m not that guy who looks forward to getting an operating system like Android and seeing how many things I can change. I prefer to not be in the driver’s seat of my operating system experience. For me, and I suspect many other users, an operating system should just work. As long as the app icons look fine, the visual effects aren’t too distracting, and everything works like it should, then I’m fine. iOS 7 delivers and it actually looks great visually. As a long-time Windows Phone user, I can’t argue with design and simplicity of use.

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I won’t pretend that iOS 7’s app collection doesn’t have me excited either. After months with Android and iOS, there’s simply no way around the fact that iOS seems to have decent versions of every application.

Simply put, iOS 7, the iPhone 5S hardware design and T-Mobile’s offerings make the iPhone 5S a device that users — particularly me — will love. Right now I’m still unsure about coloring and storage size, but outside of those two areas I’m excited.

The iPhone 5S launches in just a few short weeks. I’ll be in line at my local T-Mobile retail store, and I’m willing to bet that I’ll have company.