I’m Trading My Xbox One for a PS4, and Here’s Why

The Xbox One and PS4 have been out on the market for around eight and nine months, respectively. However, it hasn’t even been a full year yet, and I’m already thinking about switching sides.

I got the Xbox One on launch day, ready to experience what next-generation gaming is all about. I bought Madden 25 and Forza 5 to start things off, with the hopes that I’d get more games down the road once Microsoft and other developers released more titles. However, these are the only two games that I still have.

Forza 5, while really fun at the start, quickly became extremely boring and monotonous. I was excited to play Madden 25, but once I started up a quick match, the first words out of my mouth were, “these are the graphics?” along with a disappointed facial expression to accompany the quote.

I’m not saying I hate the Xbox One, but I’m simply just indifferent about it, and there’s nothing about the new console that makes me want to stay with it. Thus, it’s why I’m looking for a change.

With that said, I’m looking to trade away my Xbox One for a PS4. Hopefully I can find a fellow gamer who wants to trade away their PS4 for an Xbox One. If not, I may just try and sell my Xbox One for as much cash as I can get and buy a new or used PS4, and if I take a loss at all, it shouldn’t be a big one.

It may seem like a bold move, especially to hardcore gamers who are loyal to a specific platform, but I’ve got nothing holding me back and a list of reasons as to why I don’t need to keep my Xbox One. Here are just some of them.

It’s Simply All About the Games

I’ll just say it now: The omission of a good baseball simulator on Xbox One is the biggest reason why I want to switch to the PS4. I’m to the point where I’m finally giving into the temptation of all that is MLB 14: The Show. After watching video demonstrations of the game, I kept asking myself why the heck I’m not playing it. I’m done with that.

With the discontinuation of the MLB 2K series from 2K Sports, the Xbox was left without a decent baseball simulation game. Major League Baseball itself stepped in and released RBI Baseball 14 for Xbox One earlier this year. While the game is essentially a hat tip to the classic franchise of the 90s, it simply sucks, and baseball fans are still left without a solid baseball game for Xbox.


Furthermore, Forza 5 became a complete bust, while the Gran Turismo series for PlayStation is booming. Gran Turismo 6 became the best game yet in the racing series. Forza 5 only has about 200 cars and 14 tracks, which is pitiful compared to Gran Turismo 6′s 1,100 cars and 39 tracks.

But what about all of the awesome Xbox One exclusives? I’m not really into any of them. Quantum Break, Fable Legends, Halo 5, and Sunset Overdrive just don’t really interest me. I’m mostly a sports gamer on consoles and an FPS gamer on PC, so any of those shoot-em-up titles on console just don’t get my motor running. And the fact that most of the sports games that I’d want to play are also available on PS4 is all the more reason to freely switch to Sony’s console.

Overall, it’s really just about the games for me. I don’t use a gaming console enough to take advantage of all the other features; I have other home entertainment devices for that. I’ve maybe used the Kinect once or twice since I got the Xbox One on launch day, and I don’t really care enough about the prestige of my Xbox Live profile to want to keep it around. It’s just another silly social profile.

The PlayStation Controller Is Finally Awesome

Perhaps the most important component of the Xbox One console is the controller, which has failed to really wow me much. I like that the overall design hasn’t changed from the Xbox 360, yet Microsoft improved the controller with better triggers that come with integrated force feedback. However, it mostly still feels pretty cheap, and compared to the PS4′s DualShock 4 controller, the Xbox One controller is a bit underwhelming.


For the longest time, I’ve preferred the Xbox controllers. They felt better in the hand for the most part and I just couldn’t stand the PlayStation controllers one bit. However, the subtle upgrades to the design of the PS4 controller makes it way more comfortable to hold. The joysticks are easier to operate and the four buttons on the right of the controller feel way better to press.

It’s Time to Try Something New

When I first got into video games, Nintendo was really the only company doing big things, so it was naturally who I paid attention to. Because of that, I got a Super Nintendo as my very first gaming console. However, once the battle between Sony and Microsoft started, I joined the PlayStation side and bought an original PlayStation and then upgraded to a PS2 once that came out.


However, I switched to the Xbox 360 mostly because all of my friends had one, so gaming with them was really easy to do. However, that was back in my high school days. I don’t really do a lot of gaming with friends anymore, so knowing who has which console isn’t that important.

So you could say that I’m “coming home” to the PlayStation with a switch to the PS4, since that’s what I first chose when Sony and Microsoft began duking it out, but I don’t believe that I really have a home when it comes to gaming, so don’t be surprised if I switch back to the Xbox Two (or whatever the hell Microsoft names its next console).