I’m Using My iPad More and More. Am I Alone?

Fellow GBMer Chris Leckness sparked a conversation with this post, I don’t use my iPad. Am I Alone? A few folks say they are in the same place as Chris. A few more asked him to send his iPad to them if he wasn’t using it. I’m responding to his points here, because I’m in the opposite camp. I find I’m using my iPad more and more as time goes on. In fact, I anticipate that when Apple releases the next iOS update I’ll be using it even more.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not arguing with Chris here. He’s meaner than I am and I’d probably lose in a knock down drag out. I think Chris isn’t alone and I think that’s one reason why the jury is still out on the “pad” form factor, no matter the iPad’s success in sales. These kind of devices and how they are used are very personal things. I think that’s what makes them go to devices for some and gathering dust for others. So here’s why I’m using my iPad more and more.

This one’s easy but then again it isn’t. Email is a part of work. Using the iPad for email is something that I enjoy. I also do that task on a desktop, my iPhone, and a laptop. But for some reason I enjoy doing it more on the iPad. When I can accomplish a task and enjoy it at the same time it’s a win-win for me.

Taking Ink Notes
No, it isn’t the same as using a full fledged Tablet PC, but using Penultimate I’m able to take notes in the way that works for me in a rehearsal or meeting situation in what I call a “close enough comparison.” While the Inking experience itself isn’t the same, and I don’t have searchable Ink available, there are other benefits. Long battery life is the biggest one of those. I can’t remember when I’ve even thought twice about charging a battery on a busy day in rehearsals. I know others and their Inking preferences don’t feel the same, but that’s where I am. For Ink notes I want to archive, moving them to Evernote serves that purpose.

I really enjoy it on the iPad form factor. There’s just no way around it. I’ll grab the iPad before I grab anything else when I have the time for leisure reading or work reading. I also enjoy using Flipboard for leisurely reading Twitter feeds.

Video Viewing
My wife and I have a running battle with the TV and the DVR. Unfortunately several of the shows she watches regularly changed their schedules having us “double taping” at times, which means given our set up there’s no viewing the TV unless you want to watch what you’re taping and that’s a bit crazy. When this happens I’m really enjoying watching video via Netflix or other sources. In fact, this has become a great form of stress relief for me.

Scouring Feeds
Using the App Reeder for the iPad, I’m able to scan my RSS feeds more quickly than any other method. It syncs up with Google Reader so it’s a one way ticket to clearing out what’s come in over night or during a period that I’ve been off line.

Stall Surfing
I guess Chris just doesn’t, well, let’s not make this too personal. The iPad is my go to Stall Surfing device.

Document Creation
I didn’t start out doing any sort of document creation except in a pinch on the iPad. That’s been changing of late, as I’ve discovered that I enjoy creating posts in their early stages on the iPad, as well as some other documents. Again the enjoyment factor is key here, not necessarily the efficiency factor.

Lunch Time
When I have the ability to have lunch alone out of the office the iPad is always on the menu. Whether I’m connecting up via the MiFi card or a restaurant’s WiFi, it makes for a relaxing way to either read or work over lunch. It’s also a great conversation starter.

These are just some of the ways that I’m using the iPad and how I’m using it more and more. Again, I think every individual’s case is completely different. The kicker for me, is that even though I can (and do) use other devices for the above tasks, I get enjoyment when using the iPad. That makes all the difference in the world. Below are links to other posts I’ve done on this topic.