iMessage Down for iPhone, iPad Users (Updated)

While Apple says that iMessage is still up and running, it appears that the service may be down at the moment for iPhone and iPad owners who are trying to send out messages.

Earlier today, we heard from a number of iPhone owners who were experiencing issues sending out iMessages to fellow iDevice owners. Instead of sending out an iMessage, the messages instead were being sent out like text messages. Other users are saying that messages are failing to send altogether.

Update: iMessage appears to be back up and running.

We have confirmed that iMessage is down for several of us here at Gotta Be Mobile as well. Messages that we sent between us that were previously shown as iMessages are now shown as text messages.

My Wi-Fi only iPad is currently incapable of sending out any messages due to the outage.

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iMessage is currently down for iPhone and iPad users.

Apple’s website says that iCloud is still up and running though that appears to be wrong as we have tested this with multiple devices.

It’s unclear how long the service has been out for though we received a messages an hour ago saying that iMessage might be down but that Apple’s website did not reflect that.

This is important for iPhone and iPad owners because while iMessages are free to send, text messages are not for some owners which means that texts sent during the outage might wind up costing some users quite a bit of money.

Thus far, Apple remains silent about the outage and we aren’t exactly sure when the service might be up and running.

Screen Shot 2012-09-17 at 12.26.45 PM

Apple still thinks everything is up and running.

The outage comes shortly before the release of Apple’s iOS 6 operating system which is scheduled to touch down on September 19th as well as the iPhone 5 release which will arrive on Friday, September 21st.

iMessage is a major feature in iOS which allows iDevice owners to communicate with each other with messages, free of charge. While messages sent using iMessage appear blue, messages that are text messages appear green.

What do your messages look like right now? That is, if you are able to send any out.

Thanks, Nick!