Impressions of the Oleopathic Screen, Picture Taking, and Voice Control on the iPhone 3GS

img_07661After finishing a series of meetings and having a quick lunch, I got back to checking out some other features of the new iPhone 3GS.   All in all I’m still very, very impressed.   I notice on

((Quick side note: I see on Twitter that folks are saying at the moment that you can now Jailbreak your new iPhone 3GS. (UPDATE: Actually it is just the iPhone OS 3.0 not the phone.)That was quick. For the record, I didn’t jailbreak before, I doubt I will now.))

Back to some more impressions:

smudgeThe Oleopathic Finger-Print Resistant Screen: Resistant might be too strong a word. It is less of a finger-print magnet than the iPhone 3G and I think it should be said that you’ll see some finger prints. It does make them easier to clean off with just a wipe. (In the picture the 3GS is on the right.) The screen feels slightly different in a way I can’t explain. That’s not a bad thing, just a difference to note.

The Home Button can be set up to trigger several different functions. (Call up the camera, phone, contacts, go to Spotlight Search, etc…) with one or two presses. Hold it down and it will call up Voice Control. Pushing the button on this 3GS feels less mechanical than on the 3G.

hallway1Camera: I’ve dumped some pictures to this Flickr Feed so you can take a look if you’re interested. It is a cloudy gray day here and while there is one outside shot, there are quite a few from indoors. Some are from a newspaper and magazine collage that covers our office bathroom (don’t ask) and some are from things hanging around in my office. Office pictures with the 3G never came out well. I’m impressed with the quality improvement on the 3GS, but this is still a camera phone. The two pictures of the hallway demonstrate the autofocus. From what I’ve read and what I’m seeing in my usage, the focus isn’t affected that much, but white balance and exposure are.

hallway2Voice Control: Maybe it is the air conditioning in my office, maybe it is the way I talk, but I think Apple needs to go back to the drawing board with Voice Control,   based on about 30 minutes of testing. Trying to place a call with Voice Control provided some interesting results. None that I was looking for unfortunately. Trying to play a song (any song actually) resulted in me hearing Under Pressure by David Bowie, regardless of what song title or play list I asked for. It is actually quite freaky the way tht works. I’ve also tried this with the AC turned off and still have sporadic and random results.

Battery Life: I’ve been using this pretty heavily on and off since about 7:40 this morning. It is now 2:27pm here. The battery life indicator is saying that I’ve got 61% left. Supposedly the 3GS has better battery life than its predecessors, so we’ll see how that shakes out in the days ahead. BTW, you can choose to toggle a percentage indicator for battery life on or off.

Onward to testing out some Apps and seeing what works and what doesn’t.