GottaBeMobile March InkShow, Shortcut and Podcast Roundup

Spring is springing and lately so is our InkShow, Shortcut, and Podcast action (although we’ve been remiss in publishing podcasts recently.) We missed the February Roundup due to some crazy scheduling challenges as the GBM Team has all been pulled in a myriad of directions, so this month’s roundup will backtrack a bit and list […]

GBM InkShow: Dell Latitude XT Unboxing Video Review

In this InkShow video review, I unbox the Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC, media base, and battery slice.  In addition, I do some initial handwriting, touching, run a Windows Experience Index, and do two boots ( initial, and secondary ). You’ll be amazed by all the boxes this “thin and light” tablet pc ships with! […]

My Favorite InkShows

When you produce as much media content as we do on GBM, it gets hard to list those most memorable or favorite videos. That said, I have a couple that remind me of just how much fun we have doing these InkShows and how awesome our team is. I’ll let the others pipe in with […]

GBM InkShow: The New EverNote is a Game Changer

I’ve been talking a bit about the new version of EverNote over the last few weeks as I’ve been participating in the private beta. This new version, which comprises a web strategy and works across platforms is a real game changer, at least for me personally. This is the first cloud application that I’ve used, […]

GBM InkShow: PDF Annotator 2.0

When word got out yesterday about the beta release of Grahl Software’s PDF Annotator 2.0, I have a feeling Grahl’s download servers got worked overtime, and for good reason. It is clear from this new version that Grahl Software listened to their customers. As promised, I worked up a quick InkShow demonstrating some of the […]

GBM Podcast #47: Talking with Microsoft’s Tablet PC Team, Part 1

In this podcast, I spend some time talking with three members of Microsoft’s original Tablet PC team: Josh Clow, Jay Pittman, and Patrick Haluptzok. Specificially, we talk about the areas of their expertise: the TIP and handwriting recognition.  I think you’ll enjoy hearing about the beginnings of the TIP and where the original design came […]

GBM InkShow: Motion Computing F5 Tablet PC Video Review

Motion Computing has officially announced their F5 Tablet PC. The F5 is targeted for the field force vertical market. The F5 is a semi-rugged Tablet PC, positioning itself between commercial Tablet PCs like the LE1700 and more rugged Tablet PCs like Mobile Demand’s T8700. It improves upon Motion’s Clinical Tablet PC, the C5, by including […]

GBM InkShow: Lenovo X300 First Looks Video Review

 Lenovo created quite a stir the past several weeks with the ultra-thin, 2.9 lb X300 notebook. After visiting the Apple store last week, I would have purchased the MacBook Air had I had the money. I’m glad I waited until I got my hands on the X300. WOW!! I’m amazed every time I pick up […]

GBM InkShow: Going Mobile

By the time most of you watch this, my family and I will be well in to  our 13 hour journey to St. Louis. Before leaving, I recorded this InkShow about my in-car set up, complete with an eval HP 310 Travel Companion GPS, a Zune mounted with a ProClipUSA mount, a TC1100 Tablet PC, […]

Help TechSmith Improve Camtasia Studio

TechSmith is seeking your input on features you’d like to see in the next version of Camtasia Studio, and how you’d like to see it improved. TechSmith is the sponsor of our InkShows. We use Camtasia Studio to record all of our Software InkShows.   Technorati Tags: TechSmith,Camtasia Studio

GBM InkShow: Wacom Cintiq 12WX

For the past two weeks, I have been able to try out what I’ve called my ideal office setup – a Wacom Cintiq 12WX combined with an OQO Model 02. Generally I’ve been very happy with this combination as an ideal office set up. You’ve heard a lot about the OQO already, so I focused […]

GBM InkShow: Toshiba M700 Tablet PC Overview

Over the last week I had the pleasure of having the new Toshiba M700 Tablet PC.  In the past I have owned 2 Toshiba Tablet PC’s.  My first Tablet PC was the Toshiba M4, I purchased that because of the dedicated graphics card of 128 meg, it was the best on the block back then.  […]

GottaBeMobile January InkShow, Shortcut, and Podcast Roundup

CES 2008 has come and gone, the Super Bowl will be over tonight, and now attention turns to what comes next. So, what are you going to watch after the football season comes to a close? How about some GBM InkShow? While some are predicting a lull in mobile tech news for awhile, there is […]

GBM InkShow: MobileDemand T8700 Tablet PC Accessories

If you watched us trying to destroy Mobile Demand’s T8700 Rugged Tablet PC in our last InkShow, you might be surprised to know that the T8700 is actually still working! If you have not seen that InkShow yet, I highly encourage you to do so. You get to see Team GBM having more fun than […]

GBM InkShow: InkSeine

"To seine is to fish with a net. To fish for results from ink is not insane, but rather InkSeine!" What a great definition for this prototype note-taking application being released by Microsoft Research. InkSeine is a Tablet PC note-taking application designed and built from ground up around the pen, with the ability to easily […]

GBM InkShow: Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader Digital Book Head to Head

  One of the best things I’ve purchased in quite some time was an e-book reader, namely the Amazon Kindle. Being new to the electronic book area, I have found the experience to be quite enjoyable. Sierra, on the other hand, has been using an e-book reader for a long time, namely the Sony Reader […]

GBM Podcast #44: CES 2008 Wrap Up

>We’re back from CES 2008, and it looks like Warner was the only GBM Team member who didn’t come down with some kind of illness. Nevertheless, Sierra and Warner spend some time in GBM Podcast #44 covering their experiences and thoughts from the Big Show in Las Vegas. We talk about a wide range of […]

GBM InkShow: MobileDemand xTablet T8700 Rugged Tablet PC

What do you get when you mix Vegas, CES, a rugged Tablet PC, and three destruction-hungry GBMr’s? One of the best InkShows ever, that’s what. In this InkShow, we take a look at the “secret” tablet I took with me to Vegas: the just announced xTablet T8700 from MobileDemand. With new specs like a 1.2 […] December InkShow and Podcast Roundup

We’ve turned a corner into another year, and the New Year promises to bring lots more GBM InkShow, Shortcut, and Podcat goodness. But before we head off down the path of that New Year, let’s take a look back at the December goodies we left under your Christmas tree. We covered a range of topics […]

GBM InkShow: Inking on a Desktop with the Bamboo Tablet

I’ve recently changed my desktop computing situation picking up an iMac. I’m running both Mac’s Leopard OS and Vista Ultimate in VMWare Fusion virtual machine, and was curious how Inking would work on a desktop using a Wacom Tablet. I could have waited for Shogmaster to show me,  but picked up a Wacom Bamboo Tablet […]