Inquiring Minds Ponder AT&T Network Woes

no-serviceAT&T must feel like folks are piling on lately. Hopefully all the scutiny will lead to something positive, but I don’t think many are holding their breath for that. As debates banter back and forth about upgrade pricing and AT&T’s admitted lack of being ready for some new iPhone 3GS features, another conversation continues to swirl.

AT&T is promising a major overhaul to its network, essentially admitting it can’t deal with the success brought about by the iPhone, and many are wondering if that is why we’ve seen recent degradation of service, especially in rural areas. Both Kevin Tofel and Ed Oswald are reporting similar issues to what I and other users around my area are experiencing. Intriguingly this comes after 3G service finally reached this area just recently. The best way to describe the network performance is flaky. Sometimes all is good. But I’m seeing the No Service designation more frequently. (note the picture is not from my phone it is courtesy of NextUP, of course when I’m writing this post I have decent signal.)

I can’t say, and of course AT&T can’t corporately comment, on what the issues are, but it is a logical assumption that the race to play catch up is catching up to AT&T’s engineers at the moment. I know in my case, and at least two others that the network issues weigh more on our minds when thinking about upgrading than do the upgrade price points.

Eyes are starting to look elsewhere.