Internet Explorer 8 Delete Option Is Frustrating

IE8 Since I’ve begun using Windows 7 full-time over the past week, I’ve been forced to use Internet Explorer 8 (IE) rather than IE 7 that I used in Vista. There are some things I like about IE 8, like page loading speed and compatibility / standards mode, but there is one glaring user interface problem that has bugged me since the beta for IE 8 was released – the delete icon in the address drop down list.

The delete icon is supposed to be there to make it easy to remove previously visited web sites that you don’t want displaying in the drop down list. However, because it appears just to the left of the drop down arrow, I frequently inadvertently delete the web site that I actually intended to visit. The presence of the delete icon has really slowed down my browsing because I find myself having to think too much about where I’m clicking. I just want to click to visit the web site and not have to worry about accidentally deleting it and having to start over.

Microsoft could improve this user interface a great deal by 1) removing the delete icon from the frequently used interface, and 2) moving that functionality to the Tools / Internet Options / Browsing History interface.

Until this gets fixed, I’ll primarily be using Chrome and Firefox.