Interview With the 1st Man In Line for the iPhone 5

Most of us can hardly wait in line to buy something at the Apple store, let alone wait in line on launch day, but Rob Shoesmith, an App marketer for Medl Mobile is going to the extreme.

Rob is camping out outside his local Apple store at Regents Street in London for the iPhone 5. Rob is already camping out, literally, but he is going even further by leaving all his cash at home.

Rob will depend on the kindness of strangers and sponsorships from companies to stay warm, connected and fed.

iphone5experiment apple store

Regents Street Apple Store where Rob is camping out.

Dubbed the iPhone Experiment, Rob has already received $35,000 in sponsorships and  freebies that range from useful to unusual. Will they be enough to see him through the long wait for the iPhone 5? Time will tell.

We caught up with Rob via email to find out more about his experiment, and about some of the items he has received.

GottaBeMobile: What is the weirdest thing you have received?

iphone5experiment thong

The oddest item Rob recieved.

Rob Shoesmith: A thong from a company called Love Honey. It’s similar to the mankeeni from the film Borat. I think I would get arrested wearing it!

I have also has a laundry service contact me to say they will pick up my dirty washing from my tent and wash and iron it for me. I don’t even get that at home. My girlfriend hates ironing and leaves that to me :)

GBM: Have you had to turn down any offers?

Rob: A hot tub! I think it would have been so cool if I could have been sat in a hot tub relaxing sipping champagne whilst everyone in line was having to stand up.

Due to licencing I couldn’t get a permit.

GBM: Anything you still need? What is at the top of that list?

first in line for the iPhone 5

Rob passes time with a street performer while waiting for the iPhone 5.

Rob:  I’m looking for a security company to provide a security guard at night so I can relax and have some sleep. In return any companies that can help me with this will have huge exposure on the website and ads in my app Problem Halved that will be free during my experiment.

I’m also looking for a documentary film maker and a ghost writer who could help me put a book together for the experiment. I’m sure I will have a lot to report about. Some comfortable shoes is also high on the list and any warm outdoor clothing.

Oh and a magician to provide me with some entertainment. I’d love it if Dynamo could turn up.

GBM: What will you do if Apple doesn’t launch until October?

Rob: That doesn’t matter. My aim is to wait until there is an official announcement from apple then make a decision from there. I will however be camping out for some time!

Best of luck to Rob as he camps out for what could be another month. We anticipate that Apple will announce the iPhone 5 in September, but nothing is certain. If you want to follow Rob’s adventures or help him out with security, food and encouragement you can contact him via his blog

Images Via Rob Shoesmith