iOS 6 Beta Jailbreak Released: No Cydia Yet

The iOS 6 beta is less than a week old, but the iPhone Dev-Team has already released a functioning iOS 6 beta jailbreak.

As with any jailbreak, there are a few catches.

The iOS 6 beta jailbreak is an untethered jailbreak which means users will need to plug-in anytime their device restarts. The jailbreak is also only good on A4 powered devices like the iPhone 4, the iPhone 3GS and the iPod Touch 4th generation.

As MucsleNerd and Jailbreak-Untethered warn, casual jailbreak users should stay far away from this jailbreak. There is no support for Cydia, so regular jailbreakers won’t be able to install their favorite apps and tweaks.

This iOS 6 beta jailbreak is only intended for developers, just like the iOS 6 beta. Anyone using an unlocked iPhone should not upgrade to the beta to try this.

How to Jailbreak the iOS 6 Beta

For those interested in jailbreak the iOS 6 beta, here’s what to do.

Download redsn0w, if using Windows be sure to run in Administrator mode.

ios 6 beta jailbreak redsn0w

  1. Open and install the redsn0w beta.
  2. Download iOS 6 for the device being jailbroken from the iOS development center or IMZDL.
  3. Run the redsn0w beta.
  4. Click on Extras and choose Custom IPSW.

    how to jailbeak ios 6 beta

  5. Select the iOS 6 beta file downloaded earlier.
  6. Click back.
  7. Tap Jailbreak.
  8. Place the iPhone or iPod Touch into DFU Mode and the jailbreak will start.
  9. When prompted, install the SSH tool.
  10. When completed the jailbreak will finish.
  11. Click on Extras again, then click on Just boot.
  12. Place the iPhone in DFU mode again and it should boot to the home screen again.

This means the iOS 6 beta jailbreak is successful.

Check out the How To Jailbreak the iOS 6 beta video below for more detailed instructions.