iOS 6 Jailbreak Progress Made as Hackers Wait for iOS 6.1 Release

The iOS 6 jailbreak for the iPhone 5 and other devices appears to be close to finished as hacker @pod2g urges Apple to release iOS 6.1.

The team behind the iOS 6 jailbreak is waiting for Apple to release iOS 6.1 so the company cannot fix the exploits used as part of the iOS 6 jailbreak.

Earlier this week the team was able to discover a new exploit that lets them save an important exploit for a future jailbreak.

The urging comes days after big names in the jailbreak community join the iOS 6 Jailbreak Dream Team and @planetbeing reports progress on the iOS 6 jailbreak.

The team is already in possession of an iOS 6 jailbreak for the iPhone 5 running iOS 6.0.2, but as of this week is still looking for the final pieces needed to make a public release viable.

According to @planetbeing, iOS 6.1 breaks part of the iOS 6 jailbreak, so the team is waiting for Apple to release the new version so that it does not waste any exploits.

On Reddit planetbeing reports that the team discovered a new exploit that replaces one of those the group doesn’t want to burn,

pod2g discovered a vulnerability and told me about it and I tried to integrate it into my existing jailbreak code to replace one of the ones we don’t want to burn. I discovered I couldn’t get his to work due to some miscommunication, but in the process of trying to get his to work, I discovered a new vulnerability for doing the same thing. I did get THAT one to work and it’s now integrated with the rest. :)

Unfortunately, as pod2g says, neither bug has to do with initial code injection, which we currently don’t have a duplicate/backup vulnerability for at all.

Hopefully @planetbeing is talking about the exploit that lets hackers look at iOS firmware, an essential part of delivering future jailbreaks.

iOS 6 jailbreak

Despite reports that the iOS 6.1 jailbreak release is at hand, it is much more likely that the team will release an iOS 6 jailbreak capable of performing an iPhone 4S jailbreak that works on iOS 6.0.1 and an iPhone 5 jailbreak that works on IOS 6.0.2. By waiting for the iOS 6.1 release, the team will have a better chance of jailbreaking the iOS 6.1 firmware.

Anyone looking to jailbreak the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S should not upgrade to iOS 6.1 until an all clear is issued by one of the members of the iOS 6 jailbreak team.

There is speculation that the iOS 6.1 release date is soon as the iOS 6.1 beta expires in a few days. Apple could choose to release iOS 6.1 at that time, or more likely a golden master version of iOS 6.1 which would allow final testing before the iOS 6.1 release to consumer devices.

Security expert Stefan Esser, aka @i0n1c, thinks we’ll see a longer wait for the official iOS 6.1 release.

Stay tuned for the lates iOS 6.1 release information and iOS 6 Jailbreak news.