iOS 6 Jailbreak: Why You Shouldn’t Bother

The iOS 6 jailbreak is almost ready for public release, but the jailbreak isn’t worth the hassle for most iPhone and iPad users.

Jailbreaking allows users to run apps that Apple doesn’t allow in the App Store, to change the look of the iPhone with themes, install a variety of iPhone tweaks and more.

These are the reasons so many users are eagerly awaiting the iOS 6 jailbreak release from the evad3rs Dev Team in the coming week. This tool will allow users to jailbreak iOS 6 and iOS 6.1 on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

For the average user, the iOS 6 jailbreak isn’t worth the time and potential issues outlined below.

Reliability Not Guaranteed

iOS 6 Jailbreak performance

Jailbreaking can impact performance.

The iPhone and iPad are known for running smoothly with relatively few crashes, and save the occasional bug users can look forward to using a reliable phone. With the iOS 6 jailbreak, users are installing apps that don’t conform to Apple’s strict guidelines, some of which alter the overall iPhone experience.

After installing jailbreak apps and tweaks, users may notice a decrease in performance and battery life, something I experienced with the Phone 4S jailbreak.

Despite keeping tweaks and apps to a minimum, the iPhone 4S became increasingly unreliable, with crashes, alarm issues, sleep issues and others.

For users who are willing to troubleshoot these problems, and take the time to investigate app compatibility this alone is not reason enough to skip the iOS 6 jailbreak, but not everyone has the time to tackle these issues, especially without Apple’s support team.

Warranty Void

iOS 6 jailbreak logoThe iOS 6 jailbreak is not illegal, at least not on the iPhone, but it will render the device’s warranty void with Apple.

This means Apple won’t help users with problems associated with the jailbreak, and users cannot expect to get help from an Apple Store Genius on a jailbroken iPhone.

The good news is that jailbreaks are easy to reverse, so if there is a problem with the iPhone, users can un-jailbreak the device before taking it in to see Apple.

Many of the Best Reasons Aren’t Needed

While there are still plenty of iPhone 5 jailbreak apps and tweaks that will appeal to users, many of the reasons to jailbreak the iPhone are no longer needed. In IOS 5 and iOS 6, Apple delivered a collection of improvements that allow users to do more with their iPhone without jailbreaking.

Users can now make FaceTime calls over cellular, download larger apps over LTE, use music as an alarm and much more. Many of the reasons to jailbreak from early 2012 are standard features in iOS 6.

Jailbreaking can also let users turn the iPhone into a hotspot without paying a carrier fee, but for users on shared data plans this isn’t needed.

Users willing to take the time to troubleshoot and want to extend what they can do with their iPhone will likely do fine jailbreaking, but the average iPhone user is often better off staying stock, even with millions of users jailbreaking.