iOS 6 on iPhone 3GS: Why I Am Worried

Earlier this month, when Apple released the third version of iOS 6 beta, it added some features to iOS 6 for the iPhone 3GS. Needless to say, as an iPhone 3GS owner, I was elated about the news especially because I was someone who was pretty disappointed about the lack of iOS 6 features that Apple had originally announced for the phone. However, while I can’t help but to be excited, I am also a little worried about the prospects of a heftier update.

The iPhone 3GS is over three years old, an ageless wonder. Somehow, the device has defied the odds as Apple has managed to update it with not only iOS 4, but iOS 5 and now, iOS 6.

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iOS 4’s arrival was a joyous occasion. It brought spell check, Spotlight search and a host of other improvements that I have utilized over the years. iOS 4 ran extremely smooth and I really had no reason to complain.

With the arrival of the iPhone 4S came iOS 5, an update that I almost couldn’t believe was coming to the iPhone 3GS, especially after I saw countless Android phones get left behind.

I am hopeful iOS 6 will perform well on the iPhone 3GS.

Like with iOS 6, I was extremely excited that Apple was updating my iPhone 3GS with iOS 5 and I immediately installed it, not thinking about the consequences.

At first the software ran great. However, over time, iOS 5, especially after the iOS 5.1.1 update, my iPhone 3GS has started to perform pretty poorly. Battery life just isn’t like it used to be. The phone often gets hung up when loading text messages or application. Apps occasionally crash without warning. Before WWDC 2012,  I figured that iOS 5 would likely be the end of the road for the iPhone 3GS.

So now that iOS 6 has been announced, I’m worried. I am reminded of my friends who updated their iPhone 3G with iOS 4, only to be greeted with an extremely sluggish operating system that barely worked and was void of many of the key features that Apple included in the software.

iOS 6 will bring several new features to the iPhone 3GS.

I’ve already told you how sluggish iOS 5.1.1 has become on the iPhone 3GS and I can’t imagine another update, with more features mind you, is going to run any better using the iPhone 3GS’ aging hardware.

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In fact, I have convinced myself that it might end up running a lot worse than iOS 5. There are many iPhone 3GS owners that have suffered far worse than I have on iOS 5. Many regret installing the software.

And while Apple has done a very diligent job updating the iPhone 3GS over the years, I really hope that it is able to offer a smooth iOS 6 experience, an experience that is worth upgrading to for all iPhone 3GS owners, not just some of them.

Anyone else out there with an iPhone 3GS worried about iOS 6? Or are you confident that Apple will smooth over the problems and release a piece of software that runs better than iOS 5?