iOS 7 Concept Videos: Potential iOS 7 Features Brought to Life

iOS 7 is expected later this year at WWDC, where we might also see the iPhone 5S, and while Apple is keeping the wraps on iOS 7, there are already a number of iOS 7 concept videos that show what Apple could do with iOS 7.

These iOS 7 features and designs are not leaks from Apple, but iOS 6 jailbreak tweaks and ideas for how Apple could improve iOS from fans with design skills.

Below you’ll see how Apple could build a better Do Not Disturb in iOS 7, a new Notification Center, a better lock screen and access to settings and a vastly improved app switcher.

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Apple will likely announce iOS 7 at WWDC 2013 this summer. We’ve already seen reports of iOS 7 showing up in server logs, so it is under development at Apple. There are no definite iOS 7 features leaked yet, as much of the focus remains on iOS 6.1. We expect the iOS 6.1 release date within the next several weeks.

If Apple announces iOS 7 at WWDC 2013, expect a short private beta for developers to test apps and build-in support for new features. If Apple brings the iPhone 5S release to this summer we could hear about an iOS 7 beta earlier in the year.

Smarter Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb is one of the best features of iOS 6, and the concept below shows a better way for Apple to let users turn on Do Not Disturb, and how Apple could deliver notifications while using Do Not Disturb on iOS 7.

The iOS 7 concept video above shows notifications sliding in place of the clock at the top of the iPhone. This concept would prevent the more intrusive Banner notification that users still see when the screen is on with Do Not Disturb enabled. With this concept, Apple could also kill the sounds and vibrations from notifications.

The same user also shows an easier way to turn on Do Not Disturb in iOS 7 by pulling down in Notification Center, much like refreshing email in Mail.

New Lock Screen and Settings

Another cool iOS 7 concept shows a new lock screen with fast access to common settings and the now playing music. This iOS 7 concept, designed with the iPhone 5 in mind also shows a new app switcher that puts the apps full screen and access to the settings with a double tap of the home button and a swipe.

The fast access to settings is nice, but Auxo delivers a better looking solution.

Better App Switcher

One of the coolest looking iOS 7 concepts is actually an iOS 6 jailbreak tweak that users can install on a jailbroken iPhone now. While there is no iPhone 5 jailbreak, this app is available on Cydia for other devices.

The Auxo app switcher delivers a card type App switcher that shows part of the app on-screen, much like a card, but instead of overtaking the screen it sits in a slightly larger app drawer, made possible with the iPhone 5’s larger display. This concept also includes a larger playback tab and fast access to settings to the left of the app drawer.

Better Notification Center

The Notification Center is better than earlier versions of iOS, but it could use improvements in iOS 7. The iOS 7 Notification Center concept below shows grouped notifications at the top with badges and the ability to swipe through information with widgets in the Notification Center.

Stay tuned for more on iOS 7.