iOS 7 Error 9006 Plagues Users in iTunes

iPhone and iPad users trying to update to iOS 7 Over-the-Air are running into Software Update Failed errors, errors that prevent the iOS 7 install from being completed. Those looking for a remedy through an iTunes install won’t find it either as iOS 7 installation errors have hit iTunes as well as a 9006 error is plaguing users trying to manually install.

Earlier today, Apple pushed its big iOS 7 update live to iPhone, iPad and iPod users in the United States and around the world. The update comes with a brand new look and several new features including AirDrop. Problem is, many iPhone and iPad users are unable to install iOS 7 due to a Software Update Failed error that continues to pop up during the download process.

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iOS 7 beta code indicates Apple is testing an iPad mini 2 without a Retina Display, but it's not clear if this is the iPad mini 2 set for a fall release or just a test device.

iPad and iPhone users are encountering error 9006 in iTunes when trying to install iOS 7.

iPhone and iPad owners are unable to get the iOS 7 update downloaded and thus, the update is unable to install and replace the previous iOS update, iOS 6. Many of those looking for a remedy haven’t found a suitable one yet as the error continues to pop up even when users retry the update. And unfortunately, those looking to go the alternate installation route are running into errors as well.

iPhone and iPad users looking to avoid the Over-the-Air update by installing through iTunes are encountering errors as well. When we went to try and update to iOS 7, iTunes told us that the most current version of iOS for iPhone and iPad was iOS 6, not iOS 7, thus not allowing us to download the software. The errors can be seen in the screenshot below.

This error popped up first when trying to install iOS 7 through iTunes.

This error popped up first when trying to install iOS 7 through iTunes.

After numerous attempts, we finally updated to iTunes 11.1 which also gave us an error when trying to download. After several tries, we were able to get it download and installed, only to get greeted with another error that looks like the one below.

Another error when installing iOS 7 through iTunes.

Another error when installing iOS 7 through iTunes.

After starting the update again, and letting it download for at least five minutes, we were greeted with yet another error that looks like this, stating that an unknown error occurred listing a 9006 error.

We’ve tried starting the update again though we keep getting this 9006 error, preventing us from installing the software through iTunes on both the iPad and the iPhone.

Apple’s website suggests a fix for the error, saying that owners should “Quit iTunes, discard the .ipsw file, (see the steps under Advanced Steps > Rename, move, or delete the iOS software file (.ipsw) below for file locations), open iTunes and attempt to download the update again.”

Those that don’t want to follow those steps will likely want to sit and wait for Apple’s servers to cool off before trying to install iOS 7 again. At some point, the download process will work, it’s just clear as to when.