iOS 7 Jailbreak Apps List Grows as Official iOS 7 Cydia Arrives

The list of iOS 7 jailbreak apps and tweaks grows as the official iOS 7 Cydia app arrives with a new look and feel for users who took the plunge to jailbreak the iPhone and iPad running iOS 7.

While the list of iOS 7 jailbreak apps is still relatively small, especially for users with a device running a new Apple A7 processor. There is still much work to be one to deliver the iOS 7 Cydia apps and tweaks, but early reports indicate many developers are working on iOS 7 jailbreak app updates.


A new iOS 7 Cydia app store is available as the number of iOS 7 jailbreak apps and tweaks expands.

We already shared a guide to the iOS 7 jailbreak which walks users through the process. This first version of the iOS 7 jailbreak is a bit buggy, and we outline 5 reasons not to use the iOS 7 jailbreak, as well as 5 reasons to jailbreak iOS 7 which are important to read before taking the plunge.

The video below shows the new iOS 7 Cydia App Store complete with a new look that matches iOS 7 and a collection of handy features like the ability to swipe to go back, which give Cydia an iOS 7 feel. This is the official iOS 7 Cydia version as revealed in this tweet from Jay Freeman, the man who runs the Cydia app store.

This is a nice new look for the iOS 7 Cydia app store, and hopefully is a sign of things to come for iOS 7 jailbreak apps. The iOS 7 jailbreak release delivered a lot of drama that prompted some jailbreak developers to quit, but it appears many are still working on iOS 7 jailbreak app updates.

iOS 7 Jailbreak Apps & Tweaks List

The community is testing various iOS 7 jailbreak apps and tweaks and compiling a Google Doc with the current iOS 7 compatible apps available in Cydia. This listing includes information about which apps work on iOS 7, which jailbreak apps don’t work on A7 powered devices and other important notes.

The list appears to originate on Reddit, in a thread that also includes information about promised iOS 7 jailbreak app updates and tips for getting some of these apps to work. The list is embedded below, but it may fial to load, alternately try this direct link.

For the time being many users with an iPhone 5s, iPad Air or iPad mini Retina will need to wait for an update to Mobile Substrate to support the new 64-bit processors before a large number of iOS 7 jailbreak apps and tweaks that run on the newest Apple devices arrives.